A downloadable game for Windows

A simple yet fun ball game based from a unity "Roll-a-ball" tutorial. The game has been evolving since.

The game was originally uploaded on gamejolt but was since moved here for better awareness.

There're 4 gamemodes in this game:

- Classic mode is a gamemode where you collect all the 17 purple cubes. In singleplayer, you race against time. In multiplayer, you race against friend(s).

- Arena mode is a gamemode where you have to bump the other balls off the map. There're limited numbers of lives so watch out and don't fall!

- Soccer mode is a gamemode where you battle against your friend(s) to take a ball to their goals.

- Survival mode is a gamemode where you (and your friends) have to dodge the incoming balls who will try to knock you off. Stay on the stage as long as you can!

This game can be played in a single computer up to 4 players, although player 4 needs to use a keypad.

Dislike how your ball looks like? You can change it in settings menu!

Install instructions

Simply extract the .exe and the "_data" files to any folders.

Run "Race Ball.exe" and enjoy!


RB 0.11.2.zip 30 MB

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Yes! Now the arena size is perfect. I've got 2 ideas:

1. More bouncing force for arena and survival.

2. In arena mode, the player that stand at the centre without take risks can easy win. The solution is to change the aim of the game: unlimited lives and 1 point for the player that knock out a rival. The winner is the fist who reach 5 (eg) points or also, if you like, who get the highest score after a limited time. In case, just remember to include score draws possibilities or else, because 2 or more players can knock out the some rival at the some time. Dunno what is the best choice about all this, but the score system is important. Agree? :P

(1 edit)

1. I will definitely look into it.

2. The current system is implemented because it doesn't require the game to detect who pushed whom which requires a lot of codings, ones which I do not have experiences just yet.

EDIT : I tried inceasing the bounciness of the ball but it ended up bringing undesired side effects so sorry, not doing it.

Can you add a 32bit build, please? :P

(2 edits)

I will. Thx for reminding me.

EDIT : The game is already in 32 bits. Seems like you're having a problem at your end. Try running it again.

(1 edit)

Tnx, this v0.8.1 works (for your interest, the GameJolt version worked also for me). The game is fun! There is a bug in Arena mode when selecting 4 players... see what happens by yourself :) ... A favor: Can you add a size selectable option for the arenas? I think that a smaller size can make the dynamics more fast, strategic, and intensive :P


Thx for reporting a bug. As for arena size, I think it would be better if it's smaller, although I'm not sure if I can make it resizeable. Thanks for asking tho.